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GMNY Inc. and our affiliates do not charge any fees for training, tech support, teaching materials or equipment.

Everything needed to teach is provided for free. About 80% of our students are between the ages of 19-50.

They tend to be either undergraduate students, graduate students, or working professionals at one of the large corporations in South Korea.

The other 20% of our students tend to be high school or middle school students, retirees, and working-adults from other professions.

In South Korea, English education has been compulsory for the last 20+ years. 

However, most of the public school English teachers have learned English as a second language.

Even after a decade or more of English classes, most feel they are still unable to communicate effectively in English.

They want to further develop their English communication skills so they can easily express their thoughts and comprehend both native English and second language English speakers.

All of our students have some English speaking ability. Basic level students are only rudimentary proficient in English, and it is best to follow the provided lesson plans in our textbooks as closely as possible.

Doing so makes it easier for the students to follow along, since their textbooks are very similar to ours; theirs have additional Korean sections to help them prepare for the lesson as well as most of the English material in the teacher textbooks.

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